• Elaine has worked with dogs--both formally and informally--all of her life. Possessing an inherent love and understanding of dogs, she uses these attributes to help dogs and their owners form balanced, rewarding relationships with each other. Having earned a Master's Degree in education, Elaine spent years teaching both children and adults. However, she ultimately decided to apply this knowledge and experience to her true calling: dog training. Elaine received her Professional Trainer Certification from the National K9 School as well as an E-Touch Certification from The International School for Dog Trainers. Elaine has studied with Cesar Milan at The Dog Psychology Center and other renowned dog professionals around the country for ongoing professional education in order to continuously hone her skills to be the best she can be.  Elaine is an AKC CGC® Approved Evaluator and a Certified Dog Trainer and member of the International Association of Canine Professionals #P2456 (IACP) and the National K-9 Trainers Association. 
    We train dogs of every breed and age that have exhibited every behavioral problem you can imagine. And, since we first opened our doors, it's been our guiding mission to transform each dog we work with into one that is balanced and well-mannered. Our promise of delivering you a dog you can be proud to take anywhere is something we take very seriously.When we first hear from dog owners, they're often frustrated--even to the point of giving up. Despite all of their efforts to curtail bad behaviors, nothing has worked. And they find themselves in a long-term commitment with a dog they can't enjoy. It's a terrible place to be. At Carolina Dog Training our challenge--as well as our calling--is to transform the relationship between people and their dogs from one that's a power struggle into one that is treasured and respected by both the owner and the dog.
    We are firm believers, practitioners and teachers of pack leadership. In order for any dog to reach its full potential as a well-behaved companion, it must feel secure in knowing that he is under the guidance of a trusted, loving and respected leader who will make appropriate, thoughtful decisions for the well-being of the entire pack. This allows the dog to do what it does best: be a follower within the pack. While our focus is on training dogs, we also train the humans who care for them. It allows us to reach training goals faster and make the results we achieve sustainable long after the training sessions have been completed. Thank you for taking time to learn more about Carolina Dog Training! I would love to talk with you personally regarding your dog and discuss how we can develop a customized training program that will get you the balanced, well-behaved dog you're dreaming of!
  • Elaine Hope Poulin's Credentials


    • Owner & Founder Carolina Dog Training, LLC
    • Master of Education Florida Atlantic University
    • Master level Graduate and Professional Member National K9 Dog Trainers Association
    • Professional Member International Association Canine Professionals (IACP) (P#2456) & IACP CDT (Certified Dog Trainer)
    • Certified AKC CGC® Evaluator # 34668
    • Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals I & II with Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer)
    • Certified E-Touch™ / ForceFree ™ Trainer
    • Certified Pet Partners Therapy Dog Evaluator #66233