Small Group Classes

Carolina Dog Training, LLC now offers a unique hands-on 6-week group course that teaches you how to train your dog! Your dog will learn to pay attention and respond to you both on and off-leash!

This course includes a leash and Dogtra Remote Training Collar. You will learn a proper e-touch, force-free technique that subtly, humanely and effectively cues your dog to pay attention and motivates your dog to comply.

Focus is on teaching the most useful skills that create a happy, balanced, well-behaved, social dog who will be a pleasure to include in your life: Heel, Come, Sit/Down, Stay, Place, and Leave-it and dog greetings. In addition, you will learn how to block and eliminate unwanted behaviors. Our final session culminates with a field trip experience that translates to real-life practice in real-world settings.

Emphasis is on how to be a good leader and how energy and body language are applied in our communication with our dog.

"Darcy learned many things, but heel has been the most life-changing and we learned training strategies we can use when training other dogs in the future."
Jason & Gina Gauthier, Small Group Course Students

Small Group Classes - Schedule:

This 6 week course is held once a week on Carolina Dog Training LLC premises with the exception of one field trip.

There will be two concurring courses:   Wednesdays at 6:00pm   OR   Saturdays at 9:00am.

Classes will typically last one hour. Maximum of 6 dogs per class. Small groups allow me to give you and your dog my undivided attention.

Our next class, scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 21st, is full. Please check back soon for the upcoming Spring 2018 schedule.

Small Group Classes - Details:

This course benefits dogs who:

  • Have been previously trained but not maintained
  • Have never been trained
  • Are at least 5 months old

This course benefits people who:

  • Have the desire to tap into their instinctual side in order to better communicate with their dog
  • Have always wanted to learn how to better “read” and communicate with their dog
  • Have the motivation to become a leader their dog can trust and respect


  • Must be at least 18 years old to attend
  • One dog per human partner
  • Must not have a history of aggression toward other dogs or humans. 

Course Fee:

  • $750.00
  • Your fee includes a leash and Dogtra remote training collar


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