Dog Training Services

In Home Dog Training

For owners who have the time and desire to commit to taking an active role in the dog training process, Carolina Dog Training will train you and your dog in the familiar environment of your own home and neighborhood including local hot spots such as pet stores, greenways and dog walking sites to name a few where we will work together to achieve a customized list of your goals.

Family Puppy Orientation

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you and your puppy share a lifetime of enjoyment is to begin training her the moment she comes home. We can help you both get started off on the right foot with this by coming to your home and conducting a one-on-one, two-hour puppy developmental session.

Canine Board and Train Programs

Our residency programs are a favorite solution for dog owners who either don't have the time to devote to the daily dog training process and who would rather have Carolina Dog Training do the "heavy lifting" regarding establishing a training foundation that subsequently only has to be maintained after your dog has already been trained by Elaine.

Therapy Dog Training

If you and your dog seek out and welcome opportunities to interact and spend time with people then this volunteer program may be for you! Carolina Dog Training can assist you in the process of becoming a Pet Partner Therapy Animal Team as well as provide the necessary training for your dog to attain the basic obedience skills required to pass the Team Evaluation!

Small Group Classes

Carolina Dog Training offers a unique hands-on 8-week group course that teaches you how to train your dog! Your dog will learn to pay attention and respond to you both on and off-leash! This course includes a leash and Dogtra Remote Training Collar. You will learn a proper e-touch, force-free technique that subtly, humanely and effectively cues your dog to pay attention and motivates your dog to comply.