"What strikes me most about Elaine is her ability to communicate not only with dogs but also with people. Dog training revolves around building a relationship with a dog, a relationship built on trust and respect. Elaine has this ability. Dogs like her and want to learn. People training is the same, Elaine's personality and communication skills build this relationship, acceptance and work ethic in both dog and owner to the benefit of both. Her enthusiasm and dedication to being the best with both dogs and people is an example for us all. With Elaine, training both people and dogs is not only a science, it is very much an art."

- Martin Deeley, Executive Director, Co-Founder IACP
IACP = International Association of Canine Professionals

"Elaine is fantastic with dogs. She's great at reading their state of mind and her approach is thoughtful and analytical. She is committed to doing what it takes to resolve any issue."

- Cheri Lucas & Brian Agnew, Lucas Agnew Workshops
Renowned Dog Behaviorists mentored by Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer"

"My old dog has finally learned to walk at my side and to look at me for directions. After many years of time together lost because of how difficult it was to walk together, now we can take him anywhere! Anyone who struggles with a pet's behavior can recognize the value in an amazing transformation like this in only 3 sessions. Priceless. If I had known how well this would have turned out, I would have happily paid much more!"

- Dr. Hilarie Jerauld, DVM, Co-Owner of All 4 Paws Animal Hospital

"Your assistance has been invaluable. Gus has achieved significant milestones in his training with you. He now walks without pulling,knows his 'place' and is much more fun to be around for us and for others. We appreciate every minute of your help."

- Doug & Georgia Mekes

"Titus used to drag us all over the place, but now he walks on a loose leash and doesn't go crazy when he sees another dog or squirrel and he can be included with our cats!"

- Jodi Soto

"Fudge Listens now. I can walk him without him pulling me down the street. He sits and stays when told. He's a joy to be around. I was worried about him losing his funny personality but you were right, he's still funny!. Thanks a million times!"

- Hannah Shomo

"I had the pleasure of working with Elaine. She is a very conscientious trainer. One who is able to focus on the details while still remembering the big picture. That is a key element in helping todays pet owner create a companion that will be a welcome member of the family for years to come. Her balanced approach and common sense style make her a valuable resource to the canine community."

- Robin MacFarlane, Owner & Training Director of That's My Dog! Inc.

"Henry now looks to me for instruction and walks by other dogs in a cordial fashion. This was the best money I've spent on Henry! I also learned how to observe subtle behavior cues that may help in the clinic."

- Dr. Lindsay Warner, DVM Animal Hospital of Peak Plaza

"There is an unbelievable difference in Cosmo...This was among the best money we've ever spent. I only wish we'd started earlier."

- Dr. Sherri Zimmerman

"Gryphon is an amazing companion. He's a joy to my patients and colleagues and very, very well mannered and civil. He seems to truly understand the value of coming to work, and even though he only comes once a week or so, he loves meeting the kiddos I work with. I am so appreciative to all of your teaching and suggestions, it's helped him to go from "pet" to joyful companion. Most definitely could not have done it without you."

- Dr. Brian Mackey

"Prior to training, [Eddie] was lacking in social skills, was fearful of most things and had tendencies toward aggression in uncomfortable situations. Then even after day one of the training, we saw a change in his behavior - his ability to trust and focus on his 'pack leader', to accept an unknown person entering our home and then allowing a stranger to pet him. Even from the first lesson it was clear that this program was going to be worth every penny."

- Adena Messinger

"Bentley is a new dog. He walks without pulling my arm off and I don't have to worry about him darting off into traffic! Peace of mind!"

- Lisa Balcerak

"Within minutes of our 1st session, Molly was walking on the heel and no longer pulling! She can now be part of the family. We're so grateful for Elaine! She definitely delivered! I recommend that every dog get trained by Elaine!"

- Morgan Moore